• Christian Abdullah also known as Tayfun Bozoglu (Born in March 14th., 1964 in Flensburg Germany named Christian Abdullah Wellnitz) is a Turkish / German guitarist, singer and songwriter.

    Apart from his musical life, Christian Abdullah is still actively working in the shipping business in Istanbul.

    After several musical lineups as guitarist in his earlier life, he paused his active music life during his university period and work life but still composed songs that he did not release during this period. Christian Abdullah then picked up his guitar again and started playing in a band while trying to encourage his son ‘’Berk’’ also to make music and started finally a late carrier while composing and playing in his band.

    He released his debut Album “Genug Live” in 2016 and also released his first single “Yük”, in December 2017, and his second Single “Sonsuz” in May 2018.